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New Jersey, USA

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Our Story

KKRobotic in a very short time has become a leading professional grade DLP printer manufacturer. We offer state of art 3D DLP printers, supportive materials and before and after sales support.

Founded in 2012, We at KKRobotic are a team of highly experienced professionals learnt on the job and attached to the Gem and Jewelry industry with over twenty years of learning, evolving and executing custom designing in various facets of the trade. With our very first small model of commercial DLP printing introduced at inception, we now cater over 8 different professional grade ultimate 3D printring machine models designed for Gem & Jewelry Industry that works at lightning speeds, with accuracy surface qualities to unthinkable details, which comes at the most affordable cost across the globe. 

Whether you are a Fine jewelry manufacturer, Dentist, Architect, Interior Designer, Building Contractor, Engineer, Miniature modeler, you will require aids to present your idea to the end user. 3D Printing prototypes, Photo-realistic 3D views, precise machine drawings and high quality CAD models are different tools that come to your aid.

If you looking for high resolution and accuracy 3D printing than you at right place. 3D printing DLP and SAL technology can only give you fine and high resolution result in prototyping. We provide 3D printing service in DLP technology which is photo lithography process in which light is used to cure a resin to produce solid. By beaming an image onto a resin filled basin for a certain period of time, a layer of solid material is created. By repeating the process numerous times a 3D object will be created.

We also have large variety of resin available for different purpose of use of prototype. We print in castable blend resin, standard blend resin, and industrial blend with color choices. Standard  blend resin is used in regular prototyping and castable is used in gold casting and many other casting industries.

DLP - Digital Light Processing: A container of photopolymer resin is cured by digital light source to built part layer by layer.



Sales, Distribution & Service - New Jersey, USA.
Research - Development & Manufacturing - Mumbai, India.

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